Welcome to Light DAO

The global community for conscious entrepreneurs and investors.

A global community of "friends of trusted friends" 

Join a highly vetted community designed by builders, creators, connectors & investors who co-create the future of humanity while expanding the collective consciousness. Our vision is to create an abundant world by empowering regenerative economies globally, where every human thrives and serves one another regardless of background, geography, or belief.

The Light DAO Platform

Community | Investments | Connections all aligned with the core values of Light.

Community of Trusted Networks

Get instant access to a vetted community of conscious, trusted, & aligned humans who understand your challenges & needs, while sharing a common vision for a better world.

Investment Club for the Future of Humanity

Join an investment club which votes together every month to invest in mission and value aligned companies that propel the future of humanity with guidance from the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Web3 Connection Marketplace

Explore a new social paradigm with an ownership and trust-based human network. Light Dao gives you the opportunity to connect & co-create with any individual through a decentralized marketplace where each owner generates their personal social equity.

A Better Human Experience

You are in search of aligned individuals who share your common core values of love & light. You know your friends have friends that you’d bond with & love like family, but haven’t yet connected. 

Light Dao cultivates an environment for you to connect with those that are in the trusted circle through in-person events, annual retreats, & local or international adventures, as well as, enabling connections virtually with programming that’s available 24/7.

Upon joining, you get instant access to all Light Dao Guests and Owners globally, ability to chat with the group, & see the event calendars of communities who are partnered with Light Dao. 

Wherever you are in the world, finding your people is tough. But when you do find them, it’s life changing. And that’s what Light Dao is for. Joining gives you immediate access to a tribe of conscious entrepreneurs and investors who are going through the same things as you.

Step into the light!

1.  Become a Light Dao Guest by clicking 'Request to Join' for a detailed member profile & location directory, requests & offers to the community, our global events calendar, monthly investment submissions, town hall meetings & many other online gatherings and more.

2. After being accepted into our portal as a Dao Guest, we may invite you into our Telegram and WhatsApp Channels for intros, travel connections, short offers and requests to the community & more.